Traffic Issues - by Will

Recess is over and i've not updated the blog in a while so I have a lot too report, but to save on overkill, will stick to traffic issues at present.

Glad to see at last nights committee that pot holes should hopefully be repaired properly in the near future. The "Rapid Rhino" scheme should allow these to be documented and repaired fully whilst the current situation only means temporary repairs are carried out. These temporary repairs generally only last a few weeks then get worse.

Currently looking into issues concerning access to Gotterstone. For those who live in the area, getting in and out can be a nightmare especially at peak time. So far the news is not good as a recent traffic survey indicates that waiting times at this junction are relatively low. Trying to argue that the amount of houses being built towards Ethiebeation will see a huge increase in traffic using the Arbroath Road and this will have a negative effect on the amenity of the residents. However as normal this is a trunk road which means that BEAR Scotland are involved in its routing and maintenance and working with them can take forever.

Issues in the Craigiebank area (Dean Avenue and surrounding). The roads in this area are extremely congested and very narrow. Have been asked by a constituent to investigate the possibility of a one-way system being put in place. My fear over this issue is that one way systems increase speed. Whilst making it easier to get around, speed increases are not something that i want to see.

Also received a request to look into the traffic problems on Ballindean Road. This is a major road in to the Douglas area and can be pretty congested with buses and private cars. Although it is a wide road, cars parked with vehicles trying to pass can make it a nightmare to negotiate especially with buses coming the other way.

Will report back when more info is available.
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