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Surfing various other blogs this evening I came across the blog of Osama Saeed and reading the posts found this. Like many others I was astonished and very angry about the thought of a teacher being arrested and imprisoned for what seems to me to be nothing more than an minor error. I have copied the blog posting below.

A few sandwiches short at this teddy bear's picnic

Meet Adam the Prayer Bear. This toy is owned by hundreds of Muslims up and down the country. He happens to share the name of a Prophet. If this is a crime, then there are a lot of Muslims guilty of it.
He's called a 'prayer bear' because he recites various lines when any of his limbs are pressed. As I was putting him away after taking his photo, I accidentally pressed down on one of his paws. He said "In the name of Allah, the most Merciful, the most Kind". Appropriate.
Crime must be low in Sudan. In our country, traffic police get a hard time for ignoring "real crimes" like muggings and rapes. Except we do know that a certain place called Darfur in Sudan has seen thousands upon thousands of murders, rapes and incidents of torture over the last few years.
There has been no justice for the victims, but the Sudanese justice system apparently has time to worry about the names of teddy bears. Many of these war criminals may even be called Muhammad. There are enough ignoble people we know sharing the name of the Prophet, peace be upon him e.g. Mssrs Siddique Khan and Atta.
Muslims in this country don't have a problem standing with Gillian Gibbons on these ridiculous charges. Predictably though, sections of the media have been quick to exploit their own agendas. Right-thinking people can easily see though that this is the usual case of Liberalism vs Authoritarianism, and clearly everyone in this country is on the side of the former in this case. It's not another chance to pit Muslim vs non-Muslim.

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