Council Tax - Good news

Dundee City Council met on Thursday to set the Council Tax rates for next year. I am extremely pleased to report that as a Council, we have been able to freeze the amount that Dundee's citizens will have to pay.

This has been brought about by a concordat signed by the Scottish Government and CoSLA (Convention of Scottish Local Autohrities). The good news for the Council is that it is no longer tied into having to ring fence money. One of my greatest hates over the last few years is that we were given money by the previous Scottish executive and it had to be spent on specific things. We had no leverage in deciding on where this money would be best placed. Thankfully this has now finished. We were also given more money as a council through the agreement.

My only great concern is that whilst the council have been able to stop any increases, Scottish Water are in the process of increasing the water charge for the area. If recent newspaper reports are too be believed this will be to the tune of about £11 a month. i'm sure that particular report is wrong, but I will watch with interest over the next few days.

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