Trolleys, Road Works and Committees- by Will

A very quick update of some of the things happening in the area.

Finally some action from ASDA.

I had the pleasure in witnessing 2 members of ASDA staff collecting abandoned trolleys last week. Doesn't sound like much, but considering the hassle I and others have had with them it is fantastic.

Work is ongoing to replace several worn out road surfaces in the Douglas area. Signs are appearing on the roads to be resurfaced and the work appears to be going well. Note to all please be patient if your street is being done as this is good news (wave goodbye to some potholes).

At the committees tonight (without going in to the details) it was good to see the return of Lawrie Bidwell the Education Convenor. Many people think that as politicians we just want to stab each other in the back, but not true. Lawrie seriously injured himself in a fall recently and has been off work for a while. we are all glad to see he is on the road to recovery and we all wish him well.

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