Back in Business - by Will

Not been able to post for a while due to a couple of reasons, getting married being the big one and having a small but painful DIY accident. Despite this, the ward is as busy as ever. Attended a good meeting with the Parents and Teachers of Craigie High School (PATCHeS) where the topics of conversations ranged from educational attainment to one of my favourite subjects, the Arbroath Road!

Have also been involved with discussing the ongoing problem of bins being left in the street, overflowing and smelly. This is a problem that all Councillors have and is a difficult one to get under control. It is down to residents to ensure that refuse is presented properly and on time but it is a battle we are all losing. More information to come on this!

Glad to report that a crossing is being installed on the Arbroath Road. The work on this project will start in the new year and should last about 2 weeks. The crossing is being installed close to Ruthven Road and will be a lifeline for people who live on this busy route as well as being an added safety measure for the pupils at the 2 local schools. I welcomed this in the press and will watch with great interest.

Have been involved in discussions concering the skate park in Fountainbleau Drive and possible additional safety features. A great concern has been that kids using the park could stray on to the road at high speed. Proposals are being put to the local safety panel soon and additional fencing and road markings could be installed soon.

It is also getting to that time of year again where the requests for meetings etc fly through the door. I will keep you up to date on what is happening.

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