Dundee SNP Welcomes Support For Voluntary Sector

Press release recieved from colleaugues in the parliamentary office today, certainly something well worth welcoming.

Support For Voluntary Sector Welcomed

Dundee MSPs today welcomed details of how more than £30m from the Third Sector Development Programme is to be allocated.
Shona Robison and Joe FitzPatrick today welcomed the announcement that the network of 57 Councils of Voluntary Service (CVS) will receive £11.85m from the Scottish Government over the next three years for Third Sector development.

The role of Volunteer Centres in enabling people to find volunteering opportunities has also been recognised with a £11.5m award. In Dundee, the CVS, known as Dundee Voluntary Action, and Volunteer Centre Dundee share premises in Constitution Road.

Joe FitzPatrick said: "This extra funding will enable CVS like Dundee Voluntary Action and Volunteer Centres to develop their roles and work with central and local government to grasp the opportunities that lie ahead."

Shona Robison added: "John Swinney previously announced a 37% increase in Third Sector Development Funding in November and £63 million is allocated in 2008-11 for development of the sector. It is intended that the CSV network will use this £30m funding to work with community planning partnerships to provide local advice and support to the third sector under the theme of 'Thrive and Connect' - the joint business plan."
£3.7m has been allocated to the Dunfermline-based Voluntary Action Fund to encourage volunteering. A further £4m has been allocated to help the Third Sector become more enterprising and deliver more public services.
In making the announcement, Finance Secretary John Swinney said:
"The third sector has a massive role to play in helping to make Scotland a more successful country. More than one million people contribute to their community through volunteering, often helping to transform the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in society.
"The Scottish Government will be providing local government with record levels of funding - and the Third Sector will reap the benefits.
"Local authorities will in future have increased flexibility and will be able to divert any efficiency savings they make into local priorities. This presents a real opportunity to enhance, not diminish, the delivery of Third Sector provision.
Dr Alison Elliot, Convener of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO), said: "SCVO welcomes this investment in local infrastructure which helps the voluntary sector make such a difference to the people of Scotland. This is a really welcome vote of confidence in the work of the voluntary sector. We hope that this will facilitate further serious voluntary sector engagement in Community Planning."
George Thomson, CEO of Volunteer Development Scotland, said: "Together with the network of Volunteer Centres in each local authority area, we appreciate the Scottish Government's recognition and investment in our services.
"Through our partnership with the Scottish Government and local government, we will also ensure that Scotland retains its world-class reputation for excellence and innovation in volunteer development."

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