Some more news from the Council and Claverhouse Junction

The City Council have informed me of a proposal to install a new recycling station in Westcroft Place. It is proposed that this be installed on the large section of pavement in front of the two parking bays (on East side of the road).

The council will also send letters to nearby households at least one week prior to installation to provide occupants with an opportunity to comment.

Nearby householders will also be provided with an information leaflet and reusable jute bag to carry recyclables to the bins.

Each Neighbourhood Recycling Point will consist of 4 steel containers for recycling each of the following materials: Paper, Clear glass, Green glass and Brown glass.

With recycling being something that many of us are trying to do more of, I welcome this proposal. As with the other recycling centres in the are both myself and Christina will be watching the containers to ensure that they are not vandalised. Thankfully, I have not heard of any being vandalised as of yet.

My other concern at the moment is the road layout at the Claverhouse Junction, especially at Fintry Road and Fountainbleu. The reader's letter page of the tele has had some worrying letters in it recently indicating that drivers feel this particular junction is an accident waiting to happen. I have to agree.

Prior to these letter going to press, I spoke to the Director of Planning and Transportation raising these concerns. The basic crunch issue is this. On approach to this junction, their is only one sign indicating which lane you should be in. Blink and you miss it. It is not the first time I have been in the correct lane for a driver to cut me up.

Ok, it always takes time for people to settle in to a new junction and sometimes I think it is easier for out of town drivers as they will generally be paying more attention as the layout is unfamiliar to them. However we have become very used to the old junction and simply do not know what to do when we approach something new. I say this from experience as the first time i got to this junction, I didn't have a clue and ended up in the wrong lane myself!

Along with Christina and my SNP colleague's in the North East Ward, we will be asking for immediate improvements to be made before an accident does happen.

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