Hunter Street Car Park

Glad to welcome this at committee tonight, basically the city council are planning to change the current street parking at Hunter Street with a multi story car park which will accommodate over 400 cars compared to the current 130. For those of you who do not know where this car park is, it is in the Westport area close to Session Street and immediately behind Mickey Coyles.

This to me is an excellent idea. The area is heavily used by students, residents, businesses and those wishing to use the incredibly popular cultural quarter. My only fear is that with the amount of building work going on, I asked for assurance that free traffic flow will be allowed with the amount of building work that is due to take place (or is taking place) in the area.

We have the Tay Road Bridge ramps being re-routed, the car park being built, the planned extension to the Overgate could technically start at any time, Dundee House the list seems to go on and on, however with all this going on, the free flow of traffic in the Westport and Nethergate is crucial to allow our City to function. The Convenor gave me these assurances and said that a full traffic impact assessment will be undertaken, however, I will watch with interest.

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