ABB Disruption - by Will

Dissapointed to hear of the fire that caused havoc to the Kingsway and surrounding businesses yesterday. Thankfully no one was hurt and through the good work of the Police and Fire Service it is lucky that nothing more serious happened.

I was worried that people may have to be evacuated from the surrounding area and put the housing department on alert once I knew what was happening. Luckily, the houses around the factory were outside the exclusion zone and no one had to be put up in other accomodation for the night.

I've had a response from the owners of the factory assuring me that it is not a forgotten site and that they do take the security if it very seriously but I hate to think what could have happened if this had been a malicious fire.

Both myself and Christina are still calling for the building to be demolished as we believe that this will be the only thing that will solve the problem of this eyesore.
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