Ward Issues- by Will

Currently reporting more and more potholes on the roads within the ward and am becoming increasingly concerned about the state of many of the roads. The roads currently being looked at are Balunie Street, Balbeggie Street, Baluniefield Road and Balantrae Terrace just to name a few.

I will be asking for assurance that these repairs are done in a timely fashion and that the repairs last for more than a few days.

Street signs have also been an issue recently. I have reported a number of different street signs that need replacing or repaired such as Balcarres Terrace and Balmoral Gardens. These have mostly been vandalised but many in the ward are faded and require replacing due to old age.

Glad to report that the housing department have placed work orders to have the back court areas of some of the tenements on Balbeggie Street cleaned up and internal stair lighting repaired.
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