Bear Scotland & Trolley wars By Will

Amongst the things in my in tray recently was correspondence relating to the state of the grass verges at Greendykes.

Bear Scotland and the Council have been in dispute over the last few years about who maintains these verges. I spoke to Bear earlier today and have had some assurances that the maintenance of these verges will be looked at. They also appear to admit that they are responsible for the maintenance of these areas after the Council provided them with maps showing that they are in Bear's ownership. I have also asked them too look at the traffic island at the Scott Fyffe roundabouts junction on to Douglas Road. This small piece of land has weeds about a foot and a half high and is very unsightly so hopefully some action soon.

I also received a letter from Sainsburys reference my new obsession with supermarket trollies. From speaking to residents, it is reckoned that there are over 100 of them strewn throughout the area. Sainsburys are more than willing to uplift any of their trollies from the ward if I get in touch with them but still no official contact from Asda. I have had to contact Asda again as on my way home last night spotted 6 trollies just on Ballunie Avenue alone.
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